Monday, February 16, 2015

I support the right to allow Bibi Netanyahu to speak before Congress.

The American people support Israel, and know this agreement with Iran is a bad idea. We do not trust Iran in the least. What mystifies me is why is President Obama and Secretary Of State  Kerry seeking out such an agreement   This is why Obama doesn't want Netanyahu to speak to Congress.

There are many in the US who are looking forward to hearing PM Netanyahu speak to Congress. Our Congress represents the American people, not this President or their political parties. We want to know what Bibi Netanyahu has to say, not kept in the dark like our President sometimes does. We remember what Iran has called the United States and Israel, even if our President seems to have forgotten. We are friends with Israel, and welcome PM Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to the peoples house

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What difference does it make?" ? None really! So it seems.

 Why is it that Brian Williams was caught lying about his helicopter coming under fire in Iraq, and several other “Tales” that were already proven to be LIES.  And he does not seem to be getting away with it when a US Secretary of State like Hillary Clinton told us even worse LIES like her harrowing tale of her and her LYING Daughter landed in a combat zone under sniper fire and having to keep her head down while running to the car. Pretty scary huh!. Later when confronted with proof this never happened she declared I don't know why I said that I must have been sleep deprived.

Does this make her unfit to serve as president? Seriously, as president she will be frequently sleep deprived we can't have the woman armed with nukes hallucinating combat events that never took place. I think hallucinating combat events should disqualify anyone from being president.

"What difference does it make?" ? None really! So it seems.